The Active Eye was the first surveyed exhibition of Photography in New Zealand. The original set is 10 – I only showed 2 images.

The images are from a Dance Party at the Auckland University Café for Pride week 1974. The writing on them is from Karl – aka Tracy Karl. Karl was wonderfully witty. He later won the campest queen competition on K Road.

There was ‘outrage’ about the 2 works.

Here is the full set of 10 and a selection of the press clippings from 1975 – 1976.

The 2 works shown in 1975 were stolen on route between Galleries.

I showed the full set of 10 images for the first time in 2004 as part of the GO GIRL show.

In June 2013 an exhibition showed the works again and in Tauranga a similar reaction occurred.


Tauranga Art Gallery has come under fire for displaying two photos that feature coarsely worded messages scrawled in ballpoint beside images of a 1974 gay liberation dance. Jocelyn Winwood was so appalled … More


I have prints of these images for sale and also a set of these images as postcards.